Do it Yourself Texas Eviction

Let's Start
We are a certified Electronic Filing Service Provider (EFSP) in 4 states – Not only we can create eviction petition for you but we can also file documents for you to the court overnight

What is the total cost?

Our Service Fee: $129
Court Fees:Around $125 approximately. It could be few dollars more or less but we will know at the time of filing.

What service we provide for the Fee?

  • If you have not given 3 days notice to your tenant already, we will send a certified mail. Generally, we complete this activity within a few hours but could take up to 12 hours. You should also post a notice on the door. If you have not already, we will give you a document to post on the main door.
  • If the notice does not result in a positive outcome for you, we will file the Eviction Petition
  • We will ask the court to serve the renter with the help of constable.
  • You will call the court to see when you can come for a final hearing. Most courts will set a hearing date automatically. If we need to file Order Setting Hearing, we will do it.
We provide a very unique service as we are a state-certified electronic filing service provider. We will do all the process-centric court related work and you go to the court for the hearing. It is not a great idea to hire a third party company and have them go to the hearing as you understand your situation better than anyone else as you are the landlord.

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